VELOBerlin Film Award 2015 – Giving Bicycle Culture A Frame

More than 10.000 people voted at the VELOBerlin Film Award
Award Ceremony: sunday 22 march 3 pm at the VELOBerlin
Powered by Schwalbe and Crumpler

The winners are …:

1ST PRIZE: Riese & Müller World Birdy Sport worth € 1.200

Mianzi Rei – My Legs My Gears

Germany – more


2ND PRIZE: Auguste 86 Custom-made Jacket worth € 400


USA – more – Watch the director´s video message for the award ceremony


3RD PRIZE: Carry Freedom Y-Frame Trailer worth € 269

Havana Bikes

Cuba – more


4TH PRIZE: Crumpler Kill the Messenger – Pro Messenger Bag worth € 240

Berlin to Prague without a Map

Germany – more


Watch all 18 nominated bicycle shorts:

Fullscreen and full volume (click on images to watch)!
From more than 120 short film sumbissions from 45 countries, 18 wonderful films were nominated to compete for four prizes worth a total value of €2100 and YOU can decide who wins them! Enjoy watching:

  • Cycle_stillFixed on Fixed
    Raechel Harding
    Australia, 9:48 min
  • Bike, the first time_stillDelivery
    Michael Beach Nichols, Christopher K. Walker, Joshua Simpson
    USA, 9:58 min
  • Budnitz le Grand Tour_stillCyclopèdes
    Mathieu Epiney
    Switzerland, 4:37 min
  • Cycle of Love_stillCool Unicorn, Bruv
    Ninian Doff
    UK, 1:43 min
  • Experiments of Speed_stillBerlin to Prague without a map
    Stefan Schott
    Germany, 6:23 min
  • The Fixed Chase_stillCycle Finlandia
    Antti Savela
    Sweden, 2:16 min
  • Winters Edge_kleinWinter’s Edge
    Janne Amunét
    Finland, 2:15 min
  • El Diablo_stillWheelin
    JD Schuyler, Jason Drake, Luke Tate, and Jeremy Albert
    USA, 6:00 min
  • Bicycle Piece for Orchestra_stillVelo Visionaries – Chris Carlsson
    Kristin Tieche
    USA, 6:19 min
  • Ichi Bile_stillThe Gift
    Russ Lamoureux
    USA, 2:46 min
    Rui Neto
    Portugal, 4:44 min
  • The Spokesman_stillPHAT RIDE
    Kristian Andrews
    UK, 2:22 min
  • Confessions of a Pedalphile_stillMianzi Rei – My Legs My Gears
    Peter Scholl / Mark Wagner
    Germany, 8:29 min
  • Bike love_stillTime for Vacation
    Sulev Eesmaa
    Estonia, 2:52 min
  • Two wheels good_stillGoing Nowhere Fast
    Jack Oelmann Perez
    England, 6:58 min
  • The Road Ahead_still2GHOSTRIDERS II
    Anto Hinh-Thai
    France, 2:31 min
  • Cahaya_stillFLOW – Elements of Freeride
    Oly Mingo
    USA, 2:59 min
  • Motherfucking Bike_stillHavana Bikes
    Diego Vivanco and Ian Clark (Kauri Multimedia)
    Cuba, 5:20 min
        Watch the offical VELOBerlin Film Award 2015 Trailer:
         Meet us here to watch the films on the big screen:
  • velo-berlin-2015_horizontal_220pxMarch 21-22, 2015: Screening and Award Ceremony at VELOBerlin Award Ceremony: 22.3 15:00 at 88,8 Show Bühne