VELOBerlin Film Award 2015 – Giving Bicycle Culture A Frame

Enjoy 18 bicycle short films until March 21 – and vote!

Fullscreen and full volume (click on images to watch)!
From more than 120 short film sumbissions from 45 countries, 18 wonderful films were nominated to compete for four prizes worth a total value of €2100 and YOU can decide who wins them! Enjoy watching:

  • Two wheels good_stillGoing Nowhere Fast
    Jack Oelmann Perez
    England, 6:58 min
  • The Road Ahead_still2GHOSTRIDERS II
    Anto Hinh-Thai
    France, 2:31 min
  • Cahaya_stillFLOW – Elements of Freeride
    Oly Mingo
    USA, 2:59 min
  • Cycle_stillFixed on Fixed
    Raechel Harding
    Australia, 9:48 min
  • Bike, the first time_stillDelivery
    Michael Beach Nichols, Christopher K. Walker, Joshua Simpson
    USA, 9:58 min
  • Budnitz le Grand Tour_stillCyclopèdes
    Mathieu Epiney
    Switzerland, 4:37 min
  • Cycle of Love_stillCool Unicorn, Bruv
    Ninian Doff
    UK, 1:43 min
  • Experiments of Speed_stillBerlin to Prague without a map
    Stefan Schott
    Germany, 6:23 min
  • The Fixed Chase_stillCycle Finlandia
    Antti Savela
    Sweden, 2:16 min
  • Winters Edge_kleinWinter’s Edge
    Janne Amunét
    Finland, 2:15 min
  • El Diablo_stillWheelin
    JD Schuyler, Jason Drake, Luke Tate, and Jeremy Albert
    USA, 6:00 min
  • Bicycle Piece for Orchestra_stillVelo Visionaries – Chris Carlsson
    Kristin Tieche
    USA, 6:19 min
  • Ichi Bile_stillThe Gift
    Russ Lamoureux
    USA, 2:46 min
    Rui Neto
    Portugal, 4:44 min
  • The Spokesman_stillPHAT RIDE
    Kristian Andrews
    UK, 2:22 min
  • Confessions of a Pedalphile_stillMianzi Rei – My Legs My Gears
    Peter Scholl / Mark Wagner
    Germany, 8:29 min
  • Bike love_stillTime for Vacation
    Sulev Eesmaa
    Estonia, 2:52 min
  • Motherfucking Bike_stillHavana Bikes
    Diego Vivanco and Ian Clark (Kauri Multimedia)
    Cuba, 5:20 min
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