Chronicle 2014

2nd VELOBerlin Film Award 2014

In its second edition – starting with the international Call for Entries in November 2013 – the VELOBerlin Film Award 2014 expanded its worldwide scope to include mobile phones and tablets as well as screenings at the three bicycle trade shows Munich (Feb 19-23, 2014),  rad+outdoor Bremen (March 8/9, 2014) and VELOBerlin (March 29/30, 2014).

Prizes 2014:

1st Prize: Riese & Müller World Birdy Sport:
Motherfucking Bike
; John Benson & Ward Evans AKA sausage; USA, 2:36 min

2nd Prize: Ortlieb Voucher 500€:
The Spokesman
; Dean Saffron; Australia, 2:58 min

3rd Prize: ABUS Set:
The Fixed Chase; Reinis Stabins / Skilluminati; Latvia, 3:01 min

4th Prize: ABUS Set:
Two Wheels Good; Barry Gene Murphy; Ireland, 9:12 min

5th Prize: ABUS Set:
Cycle; Amir Porat & Mor Israeli; Israel, 1:20 min

You can still watch all the movies!

Click on the images and enjoy watching:

  • Bike love_stillBike <3
    Rick Darge
    USA, 4:02 min
  • Experiments of Speed_stillExperiments in Speed
    Greg Hackett
    Great Britain, 9:20 min
  • Ichi Bile_stillIchi Bike
    Eric Scrivner
    USA, 5:13 min
  • BUSY_stillBUSY
    Balazs Pataki
    Hungary/Ireland, 6:16 min
  • The Spokesman_stillThe Spokesman
    Dean Saffron
    Australia, 2:58 min
  • The Fixed Chase_stillThe Fixed Chase
    Reinis Stabins / Skilluminati
    Lativa, 3:01 min
  • Confessions of a Pedalphile_stillConfessions of a Pedalphile
    Edward Valibus
    USA, 6:03 min
  • El Diablo_stillEl Diablo
    Paolo Casalis
    Italy, 7:00 min
  • Bike, the first time_stillBike, the first time
    Weverson Da Silva
    Brazil/France, 7:33 min
  • Cahaya_stillCahaya
    Jean Lee
    Indonesia/USA/Singapore, 9:58min
  • Budnitz le Grand Tour_stillBudnitz: Le grand Tour
    Russ Lamoureux
    USA, 2:42 min
  • Two wheels good_stillTwo Wheels Good
    Barry Gene Murphy
    Ireland, 9:12 min
  • The Trial of Art_stillThe Trial of Art
    Sebastian Heyna
    Germany, 3:26 min
  • Motherfucking Bike_stillMotherfucking Bike
    John benson & Ward Evans AKA sausage
    USA, 2:36 min
  • Cycle of Love_stillCycle of Love
    Cat Marshall
    USA, 3:45 min
  • The Road Ahead_still2The Road Ahead
    Sindre Ulvik Peladeau
    Canada, 1:33 min
  • Cycle_stillCycle
    Amir Porat & Mor Israeli
    Israel, 1:20 min
  • Bicycle Piece for Orchestra_stillBicycle Piece For Orchestra – Homage to Yoko Ono
    Norbert Krause
    Germany, 7:48 min


Screenings 2014:

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