VELOBerlin Film Award – Mianzi Rei – My Legs My Gears

The film “Mianzi Rei – My Legs My Gears” is using aesthetic images to show insights into the life of Berlin cycling icon Mianzi Rei. The ex-tattoo model lives for her passion on fixed gear and road bikes. Sexy and with style! Soothing monochrome images give a glimpse into Berlins cycling scene.

Mianzi Rei Director

Country: Germany
Director: Peter Scholl / Mark Wagner
Year: 2014
Length: 08:29 min

The directors Peter Scholl and Mark Wagner live in Berlin. After his studies Peter started working for the german TV station SFB and is a freelance director since then. Mark made it´s way into postproduction and now owns Colorado Media. Their passion for the cycling culture and both being avid cyclists led them to making this movie.

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