Chronicle 2013

VELOBerlin Film Award 2013

Organisers of VELOBerlin and interfilm Berlin joined forces in autumn 2012 to initiate the first international VELOBerlin Film Award. During the entry submission phase from November to January more than 300 short films were entered from over 60 countries and all continents – an overwhelming response!

In light of the growing popularity of the global bicycle movement, we seized the opportunity to create an international online bike film competition for the best short films that address the theme “Cycling and the City“. We sought witty, artful and entertaining entries that shed a new light on both the cycling phenomenon and urban perspectives. The winners of the Film Award will be rewarded with valuable prizes provided by the independent newspaper tageszeitung, Ortlieb manufacturers of outdoor equipment and MIKILI – Bicycle Furniture.

The six members of the viewing committee from interfilm Berlin decided on 20 of the international entries, all of which will be presented at VELOBerlin 2013. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony to be held on 24 March 2013 at 1pm. The jury selected films according to their relation to the topic of cycling and / or cycling culture and were delighted by the number of interesting and creative, new and thrilling cinematic approaches to the theme. Additional criteria for consideration included production quality, story and character development as well as audio and visual realization. Submitted films came predominantly from Europe and North America, but also from the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and Australia – revealing the entire scope of the cycling cosmos: Innovative product development, curious bike stores, fantastic cycling initiatives, the flourishing BMX and Fixie scenes, sport in all variations, travelling families and urban asphalt heroes and heroines, animated, personified and love struck bikes. And at the heart of every film, the extraordinary relationship between bicycles and people.

Winners & Prizes 2013

1st prize: taz.rad worth € 1000

The Man Who Lived On His Bike by Guillaume Blanchet / Canada

chronicle_1“taz bike allround” – the classic among the taz-branded bike range for women and men; with its shining black elegance and modern technology. The taz bike allround is a longlife quality touring bike for highest demands; containing a saddle and bike grips made of leather with cycle handlamps bright as sunlight. You can choose between a hub and 8-speed hub gears or 24-speed derailleur gear. Manufactured in the Münsterland.

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2nd prize: Ortlieb Voucher worth € 500

Camilo Gutierrez: Autum(n) by Irene Rojas Erlenbach

chronicle_2ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH was founded in 1982 in Nuremberg and has today its headquarters in the Middle Franconian town of Heilsbronn. Here, all waterproof products are produced with high frequency welding methods. Made in Germany guarantees high quality outdoor equipment for all purposes, all weather, and all terrain.



3rd prize: Mikili Kappô worth € 300

Pak Becak by Mark Andersson (not online any more)

Pak Becak Dummy

chronicle_3MIKILI – Bicycle Furniture produces high-quality bicycle racks. KAPPÔ is the perfect combination of function and design and provides plenty of storage space. KAPPÔ makes a clear design statement in your room and is manufactured in a workshop in Berlin.



VELOBerlin Film Award Programme 2013

VELOBerlin Film Award - Bicycle Short #1: The Man Who Lived On His Bike VELOBerlin Film Award - Bicycle Short #2: The Insivible Bicycle Helmet
VELOBerlin Film Award - Bicycle Short #3: Pak Becak VELOBerlin Film Award - Bicycle Short #4: Dos Ciclos
VELOBerlin Film Award - Bicycle Short #1: 8 Minute Deadline VELOBerlin Film Award - Bicycle Short #6 True Unique
VELOBerlin Film Award - Bicycle Short #7: Solution VELOBerlin Film Award - Bicycle Shortfilm #8: Camilo Gutierrez: Autum(n)
VELOBerlin Film Award - Bicycle Shortfilm #9: O´Risco Freewheel & Fixie
Fahrradbesitzlevels If You Want Your Mother Back
Athens: Fast Friday Anton
Every Time ... Where Are The Pyramids?
Golden Tree The Backwards Rider
Pasajes TDF

BIKE SHORTS II: VELOBerlin Film Award on Tour in May 2013!!!

SA Bike Shorts II

The VELOBerlin Film Award programme is on tour in May 2013 with the monthly programme Shorts Attack. Come and see the 20 bicycle shorts in selected German cinemas:

May 3, 2013: Kulturbunker in Bremen /Babylon in Berlin /Casablanca in Nürnberg
May 8, 2013: Lichtwerk-Kino in Bielefeld
May 11, 2013: Studiokino in Magdeburg /Luxor in Chemnitz
May 12, 2013: Studiokino in Magdeburg
May 15, 2013: Medienhaus in Hannover
May 19, 2013: Werkstattkino in München /Passage Kino in Berlin
May 22, 2013: Caligari-Kino in Ludwigsburg
May 24, 2013: Obenkino in Cottbus
May 25, 2013: Colabor in Köln /Cinema Südstadt in Krefeld
May 29, 2013: Programmkino Ost in Dresden /Prager Frühling in Leipzig
May 30, 2013: Kino Zukunft in Berlin /Filmraum in Hamburg