VeloBerlin Film Award 2014

Enjoy 18 bicycle short films until March 29 – and vote!

Fullscreen and full volume (click on images to watch)!
From more than 200 short film sumbissions from 45 countries, 18 wonderfull films were nominated to compete for five awards worth a total value of €2500 and YOU can decide who wins them! Enjoy watching:

  • The Trial of Art_stillThe Trial of Art
    Sebastian Heyna
    Germany, 3:26 min
  • El Diablo_stillEl Diablo
    Paolo Casalis
    Italy, 7:00 min
  • Bicycle Piece for Orchestra_stillBicycle Piece For Orchestra – Homage to Yoko Ono
    Norbert Krause
    Germany, 7:48 min
  • Bike love_stillBike <3
    Rick Darge
    USA, 4:02 min
  • Ichi Bile_stillIchi Bike
    Eric Scrivner
    USA, 5:13 min
  • BUSY_stillBUSY
    Balazs Pataki
    Hungary/Ireland, 6:16 min
  • The Spokesman_stillThe Spokesman
    Dean Saffron
    Australia, 2:58 min
  • Confessions of a Pedalphile_stillConfessions of a Pedalphile
    Edward Valibus
    USA, 6:03 min
  • Motherfucking Bike_stillMotherfucking Bike
    John benson & Ward Evans AKA sausage
    USA, 2:36 min
  • Two wheels good_stillTwo Wheels Good
    Barry Gene Murphy
    Ireland, 9:12 min
  • The Road Ahead_still2The Road Ahead
    Sindre Ulvik Peladeau
    Canada, 1:33 min
  • Cahaya_stillCahaya
    Jean Lee
    Indonesia/USA/Singapore, 9:58min
  • Cycle_stillCycle
    Amir Porat & Mor Israeli
    Israel, 1:20 min
  • Bike, the first time_stillBike, the first time
    Weverson Da Silva
    Brazil/France, 7:33 min
  • Budnitz le Grand Tour_stillBudnitz: Le grand Tour
    Russ Lamoureux
    USA, 2:42 min
  • Cycle of Love_stillCycle of Love
    Cat Marshall
    USA, 3:45 min
  • Experiments of Speed_stillExperiments in Speed
    Greg Hackett
    Great Britain, 9:20 min
  • The Fixed Chase_stillThe Fixed Chase
    Reinis Stabins / Skilluminati
    Lativa, 3:01 min