VELOBerlin Film Award – Cyclopèdes

At the beginning of the twentieth century, film-making and cycling were still a completely different kind of adventure. With its sub-titles and pianola music, ‘Cyclopèdes’ references the aesthetic of early films, and shows how a race might have looked at that time: full of comical but also dangerous incidents.

Cyclopedes director

Country: Switzerland
Director: Mathieu Epiney
Year: 2014
Length: 04:37 min

Epiney Mathieu was born in 1982 in Geneva. He studied at the Superior School of Computer Graphics “ARIES” in Annecy. He then worked as a graphic designer then launches in 2006 his real passion: making animated film. It begins with a test film “La petite planate rose”, then connects “Trottoir”, “Spermathomme” and “Cyclopèdes”. He’s writing the next one “L’Oiseau Blanc”.

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